Hey a sidetrack for a second: would the person who emailed me last month please email me again? The email program ate it before I could reply! I'm not as fast as Carin, which brings us to the point of this site!

A quick HI cyber surfers! Welcome to my cyberspace inspired by the Cyberforce© character Velocity! Velocity© is the fastest female on legs, and I mean in using her legs! I don't normally flip over comic superhero or villan types, but something about Velocity caught my imagination. It's more in potential than realization unfortunately, but who knows, we can hope they do more with her. She does have a kind of combination of fiesty heroic nerve, vulnerability and sensitivity that I find special. Here's the data on her I've found around:

"Name: Carin Taylor
Given Name: Velocity

Gender: Female
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120
Skin Color: White
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green

Hyper-Running (Amazing)

Hero Group-Cyberforce

History: Velocity is a former S.H.O.C. whose talent lies in running very, very fast. (Think a younger, female, cyborg Flash.) Unlike the other members of Cyberforce, although her memories were erased and a "brain box" put in, Velocity had yet to be programmed into a true S.H.O.C. She recieved combat training from Cyberdata, but ran away and was rescued by Cyberforce before she had to go on a mission.

Carin has the potential to run at speeds in excess of 3300 miles per hour, but hasn't actually attained that level yet. She has proven, however, that she can sustain Mach 1 (700 miles per hour; the speed of sound) and create a sonic boom (Cyberforce #23). The cybernetic chip implanted in her head by Cyberdata allows her to run faster without overloading her brain; the chip also allows her to make directional adjustments to avoid any obstacles very, very fast. She also has a layer of Kevlar embedded under her skin to keep her body rom being torn or burned up by friction when running at high speeds.

Velocity is the younger sister of Ballistic (Cassie Lane), and is the main reason why Ballistic bothers with Cyberforce in the first place. They were both tricked into thinking that their mother was Mother May I, although Ballistic found out that their real father was Frank Taylor. Their mother's name is unknown, but, according to Velocity's memories in the first annual, it was definitely not Mother May I. She was put into an orphanage after Frank walked out on his family and was given her tattoo (the lightning bolt) by the resident bully. Soon afterwards, she was "adopted" by Cyberdata through Mother May I, who ran the orphanage and saw Velocity's potential.

In the beginning of the series, Velocity was the team's token hostage -- she was captured by Cyberdata over and over again. Since then, she's gained more confidence and is fast becoming an asset to the team."

They don't even mention Carin's impossible physique and proportions! ;)

I hope to write some stories with her, but in the meantime you can enjoy the image gallery - what a looker! and not ordinary either! - and have a quick bit of fun!

Velocity was created by Mark Silvestri (thank you Mark)
and is ©copyright Mark & Top Cow™/Image Comics™